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On Creative Ideas...

"Instead of attempting to assess our own originality or seeking feedback from managers, we ought to turn more often to our colleagues. They lack the risk-aversion of managers and test audiences; they're open to seeing the potential in unusual possibilities, which guards against false negatives. At the same time, they have no particular investment in our ideas, which gives them enough distance to offer an honest appraisal and protects against false positives."


Hello Originals!
I value driven, self starters like YOU and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed being an entrepreneur stumbling up the learning curve. My hope is to connect similarly focused trail blazers in a resourceful network to share insight, give advice, offer empathetic support, and spark collaborations. Let's build each other up and surround ourselves with different schools of thought, directing techniques, leadership strategies and inventive problem solving forging connections that strengthen our impact in the arts while fostering success in others.
Thank You,
Seth Tucker, Creative Entrepreneur