The Larry Ray Show

The creators of The Larry Ray Show are proud to present their “Remix” of the American Variety Show to The Green Room 42!  Serving you live musical  performances, digital shorts, sketch comedy and an experience the audience will never forget! Featuring Samantha Williams (Dear Evan Hansen), Khaila Wilcoxson (Hadestown), Daniel Yearwood (Once on This Island, Ink), Hillary Fisher (Cyrano), Emily Franklin (A Chorus Line International Tour), Joey LaVarco (13) and many other up and coming NYC performers, hosted by New York’s beloved Larry Ray.



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Larry Ray

Daniel Yearwood (Once on this Island, Ink)

Khaila Wilcoxson (Hadestown, Ruben & Clay Christmas Show)

Samantha Williams (Dear Evan Hanson)

Hillary Fisher (Cyrano)

Joey LaVarco (13)

Emily Franklin (A Chorus Line, International Tour)

Gabe Ford Dunker

Aaron Stangarone

Justin Lowery

Bridget Carrow

Emma Lord

Noah Mogaka

Chris Isolano

Jamir Brown

Catherine Ariale

Zoe Verbil 

Nina Barresi

Lydia Stinson

Conor Fallon


Keara Callahan

James Hunsaker

Reagan Pender 

Brianna Quijada 

Sean O’Hagan

Silvia Bond 

David Ibarra  

Sarah-Ann Martinez

Austin Ryan Backus

Tommy Lewis

Jake Foster

Sean Michael Bruno 

Alex Sulay Sanz


Director - Baily Fritz

Music Director - Dr. Mory Ortman

Stage Manager - Jaime Rose Bukowski 


Producers - Acting Up Entertainment, Larry Ray, Gabe Ford Dunker, Baily Fritz, Aaron Stangarone, Briana Quijada, Jaime Rose Bukowski 



Dr. Mory Ortman - Piano

Paul Swenson - Cello

Taylor Shea - Viola

James Schell - French Horn/Guitar

Michael Shofi - Guitar 


Writers- Gabe Ford Dunker, Nina Barresi, Austin Ryan Backus, Sean O’Hagan, Silvia Bond, Bailey Fritz, David Ibarra, Brianna Quijada, Reagan Pender, Jake Foster, Aaron Stangarone, Tom Lewis, Larry Ray 


Cinematographer - Emily Fischer

Associate Digital Director - Jake Foster

Hair Design/Consultation - Marcy Dunay 

Web Design/Concept -  Elizabeth Dobson

Logo Concept - Jessie "Zero" Paulino for La Leche Del Arte

While you read about all the incredible individuals who have made this show possible

enjoy this clip of Larry Ray